“Water-energy-food nexus: A case study on medicinal and aromatic plants” on ‘’Journal of Clearer Production’’ by PP3 of the AgroLabs Project’

Jul 18, 2019

The 3rd publication “Water-energy-food nexus: A case study on medicinal and aromatic plants” of the AgroLabs project is accepted and online now.

It is a work based on the Diagnosis study that took place in Cyprus, with additional efforts (extra questionnaires’ developed by Dr. Vassilios Litskas) by the Cyprus University of Technology, in collecting and analyzing the data.
This work is considered by PP3 (CUT) to be their biggest success till now, as it is the first study on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants worldwide regarding the Carbon and environmental footprint and could constitute the basis for other relevant work in MAP and environmental footprint, cited accordingly, and resulting to the maximum dissemination on published work for AgroLabs.

It is noteworthy, that the publication is at ‘’Journal of Clearer Production’’ with Impact Factor of 6.395, one of the high rated relevant journals.