New BIOPROSPECT signs in Northern Pindos National Park

Jul 07, 2020

Four BIOPROSPECT signs were installed in selected sites within the premises of Northern Pindos National Park. The signs were designed in wood in order to incorporate to the surrounding landscape and provide information about the Northern Pindos National Park, the goals of BIOPROSPECT and various information regarding each location.

The main image of the sign is a map, depicting the total area of the National Park and its zonation based on protective status. The sites that were selected for the establishment of signs represent a combination of ecosystem services that were recorded and studied during the project.

Visitors of the Northern Pindos National Park can find the BIOPROSPECT signs in the following locations: 1. Outside the Management Agency of Vikos-Aoos & Pindos National Parks, 2. In Sarakatsani Domed Hut site, in Giftokampos, 3. In Valia Calda and 4. In Portitsa gorge.