Implementation of a pilot project of the Municipality of Nessebar

Feb 16, 2021

From January 2021 Municipality of Nessebar has started the physical implementation of the pilot project “Street network reconstruction - Ribarska Street and Mena Street”.

So far all the preparatory works of the site have been completed - Removal of hidden concrete curb, incl. concrete base, Demolition of existing 8-cm-thick asphalt pavement, Demolition of existing 10-cm-thick pavestone surface, Demolition of existing sidewalk pavement, Loading and 8 km transportation with dumpers.

The purpose of the intervention is directly related to the general strategy of the Municipality of Nessebar for protection of world value and cultural heritage for the formation of the main pedestrian routes with pavements from the Renaissance period - replacement of existing asphalt pavements and concrete slabs on the sidewalks with new ones from cut stone, stone slabs and granite curbs