Restoration of a nature trail in the Paphos Forest by the Department of Forests

Mar 09, 2021

The Department of Forests has recently completed the restoration of an old nature trail, which passes through the valley of Roudia in the Paphos Forest. The nature trail is eleven km long and starts from the location named "Doxa si o Theos" near the village of Milikouri (close to the monastery of Panagia tou Kykkou) and ends at the location "Pambela" by the village of Panayia.
The traιl follows the old pathway which in the past connected the village of Panayia with Kykko monastery and the restoration works included,

• clearing the trail from the obstruction of vegetation, stones and soil that has accumulated over the years,
• reconstructing the traditional dry stones to minimize soil erosion from the flow of small streams.

It is important to note that no mechanical means (other than a chainsaw) were used during the restoration work to avoid damaging the environment. Throughout the period, from February to March 15, 2020, when the project was completed, all work was done manually, thus respecting nature and the valuable endemic flora and fauna.

The work undertaken forms part of the Balkan Med transnational cooperation project called Mo.Na (Monuments in Nature: A Creative Co-existence) in which the Department of Forests participates as a partner.