Presentations of the Info Days on Project Implementation

Oct 16, 2017

The presentations of the Info Day on project implementation are avaible to all the beneficiaries. Here you can find attached the presentations of the Joint Secretariat on the Start-up of the project, the Eligibility of Expenditures, the Progress Reports and the Modifications, the Reimbursement & Financial Flows and the Communication & Publicity activities.
You can also find attached the presentations of the National Authorities of each participating country regarding First Level Control & Co-financing procedures.

BalkanMed Joint Secretariat presentations
Project Start-Up
Eligibility Of Expenses
Reimbursement & Financial Flows
Monitoring &_Progress Reporting
Project Adjustments & Modifications
Publicity & Dissemination

First Level Control presentations
First Level Control - Guidelines & Procedures
Eligibility of Expenditures

Greek National Authority presentations
National Co-Financing
Public Procurement - National Rules

Bulgarian National Authority presentations
Eligibility of expenditure
Public procurement procedures
National co-financing procedure

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia National Authority presentation

Albanian National Authority presentation
First Level Control 

Cyprus National Authority presentations