Monitoring Information System (MIS) & electronic submission procedure

Oct 17, 2017

During the current Programming Period 2014-2020 the submission of Programme and Project documents will be performed via the MIS system (Special Service of Monitoring Information System, Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Development).

Therefore, all BalkanMed beneficiaries are required to obtain a “Body Code” (if not having one already), as well as “User Passwords”, allowing access to the system. More information on how to obtain “Body Codes” and user rights can be found in the “User Guide for Submitting an Application Form in the MIS”.

Body Codes must then be communicated to the Lead partners, who will be responsible for uploading the Application Form on the MIS.
Relevant Documents
User Guide for Submitting an Application Form in the MIS
Existing Body Codes
Application for a Body Code (all beneficiaries)
Application for a Body Code (Greek beneficiaries only)
Application for a User Password
All documents are also available in the Library – Documents for Project Implementation – Monitoring Information System (MIS)