BalkanMed e-Business Newsletter

Jan 09, 2018

The BalkanMed e-Business Pages Project was promoted in the local and national me-dia of the participating coun-tries. On 31st October, 2017 a kick-off press conference was held in “Tafaj” Hotel in Tirana, Albania. On 20th of November, GAUSS Institute held a press confer-ence in Bitola for the promo-tion of BalkanMed E-Business Pages project. Also, on 20th of December the Hellenic Management Association (HMA) held a Press Conference in Athens for the promotion of Bal-kanMed E-Business Pages project. Moreover, several actions took place in the region with a great impact on the project such as "Cooperation Agreement between Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and "Balkan Barometer Reports platform".

Please find attached the second BalkanMed e-BP project newsletter