ZenH Balkan, 1st Newsletter

Jul 19, 2018

 The ZenH Project is supported by the INTERREG Balkan-
Mediterranean programme and its duration is from December
2017 to November 2019.
The Project aims to facilitate the implementation of the EU's
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), by defining
characteristics and standards in terms of zero energy in
hospitals (ZenH) in the southern Balkan region. The project
will contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency in the
construction sector.
Hospital buildings are considered as complex systems because
they have a range of intensive energy functions (HVAC
system, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) that should
work under strict conditions, high demand for hot water,
massive use of food, etc.). Significant work has been done in
the residential sector and at the hotel, in terms of Zero
Energy specifications but not for hospital buildings.

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