A Best Practices Guide

Jul 20, 2018

The Guide to Best Practices in Other European Cities is an analytical document developed under the AIRTHINGS project (Deliverable 4.1.2- Development of good practice guide) by the consulting experts of Denkstatt – Sofia. The report aims to assist Sofia Municipality in the implementation of project activities and, in particular, in the development of a guide to best global and European practices for the improvement of ambient air quality in cities. To achieve this goal, two main activities are made – evaluation of the technical aspects of the project and evaluation of the communication-related aspects of it.

The technical part of the survey is dedicated to two main issues – air quality sensors and chimney filters to reduce pollution from domestic combustion.

The Guide provides an important practical information about the technical parameters of all air quality sensors used within the main EU cities. Along with that, it provides a comparative information about the variety of technical air quality sensors that could be found on the Bulgarian market. All data obtained in this survey is to be used for outlining the technical parameters for the sensors that will be purchased and further - included in the Open Data Platform under the AIRTHINGS project.

Regarding the chimney filters, the Guide does analysis of the technical information obtained by 14 world producers and draws conclusions, outlines advices and offers solutions for implementation within the AIRTHINGS project.

Within the evaluation of the communication-related aspects of the AIRTHINGS project, a broad analysis of the best practices in providing open source data for air quality is made. As a result, several main conclusions are drawn.

The biggest achievements of the Guide to Best Practices is the ‘Conclusion & Recommendation’ part where 9 direct recommendation are given and will be used for the further processing of the AIRTHIGNS project by Sofia Municipality.

Best Practices Guide