BAS survey shows what are the best in-doors waste containers

Jul 24, 2018

Two separate 25-liter-containers and one special container for bio-waste seems to be the best and most suitable in-doors option when it comes to households separate collection of waste. This statement came as a conclusion of a survey done under the pilot BAS project. The participation in the questionnaire was voluntary and anonymous one. The survey was disseminated to all households taking part in the pilot project.
Under the BAS project, 300 households will take place in a pilot initiative of a domestic waste collection and each apartment will receive a kit of several different waste-containers. As all 300 households are already identified, in the fore coming autumn all of them will receive a kit of containers to start their real participation within the project. By that time, five separate newly build enclosures, situated close to the blocks, will host common bins for separate collection of domestic waste, allowing BAS team to measure the results accordingly.