Sofia’s 22 air quality sensors are already geo-located

Feb 01, 2019

22 air quality sensors will be geo-located at different places throughout Sofia Municipality till the end of 2019. They will be part of an Open Data Platform for Air Quality monitoring, which will allow visualisation and data analysis from various monitoring systems. The grid of sensors and the following Open Data Platform are part of the AIRTHINGS Interreg project, under which a total amount of 91 sensors will be disseminated through the Municipalities of Sofia (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki (Greece), Tirana (Albania) and Skopje (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

For a precise location identification of the 22 sensors in Sofia, an overlay geo-located multicriterial analysis is made. The analysis is pre-determined by a vast number of factors, such as city terrain, temperature inversion, local climate zones, transport infrastructure, construction, population and demography. 

‘A scientifically determined analysis was made for identifying the exact locations for those 22 air sensors. Till the end of 2019 we are about to put the sensors themselves and to start generating data’. Deputy Mayor on environment in Sofia Municipality Ioana Hristova announced, during the official presentation of the geo-located analysis for positioning the sensors. The presentation was held in front of all members of the Environmental Commission of the Sofia Municipal Council and media representatives.