Mapping and evaluation of genetic pool and biodiversity services by the Institute of Applied Biosciences-CERTH expert team

Feb 05, 2019

During the past months, the expert team of the Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) has ventured on several field trips in order to collect genetic material that will be used to map and evaluate the biodiversity ecosystem services and genetic resources of forested areas of the BIOPROSPECT project.
The INAB team has gathered, so far, genetic material from Northern Pindos National Park, Greece and the peri-urban forest of Vrapcisht, in the Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia. Plant species that were collected include major plants of both areas, plants under threat, as well as plants which are used as commodities (i.e. wood), as food resources and as traditional medicine. The genetic analysis that will follow, will assess biodiversity and map the genetic pool of these areas