Official start of BAS pilot initiative in Sofia

Feb 19, 2019

1st of March 2019 will be the official start of the pilot initiative under the BAS project in Sofia. This was cleared out during an organizational meeting with the participation of all stakeholders – representatives of Sofia Municipality, the Municipal Enterprise for Waste Treatment, authorities of Nadejda Region in Sofia Municipality and representatives of the Packaging Recovery Organization – Ecobulpack.
Under the BAS Interreg Project, a pilot initiative of strict separation of domestic waste of 300 households is to be carried out. The initiative will last one year. For that period, 300 households from Nadejda Region in Sofia Municipality will collect and throw their domestic waste separately. In the beginning of March 2019 all households will receive personal containers for in-house separate waste collection. Along with that, each household will receive a personal key for access to the common street containers. The common containers will be an object of frequent measurements during the implementation of the project.
The purpose of the pilot project in Sofia under the BAS project is to start building up strict separation habits and to introduce bio-waste separation for first time in the Bulgarian capital.