AGROLABS Project - Workshops in Albania

Apr 18, 2019   Fier, Albania

The AgroLabs Workshops in Albania were successfully organized by the Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of Agroenvironment and Ecology (PP5 in the Project) in collaboration with the Municipality of Fier (PP6 in the Project), at the “Fieri Hotel” in Fier, Albania, in the context of the Project “Agrofood Innovation Clusters” (AgroLabs), implemented under the Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg V-B Balkan - Med 2014-2020.
The Workshops were held on Tuesday, 26th February and on Thursday, 28th February, respectively, at the “Fieri Hotel” in Fier, Albania.
The 1st Workshop was held on Tuesday, 26th of February and focused on soil fertility in Fier, and more specifically on the balanced soil fertilization as a key factor for sustainable production, product quality and preserving the environment and also on agro- technological schemes based on the soil fertility and agro-climatic conditions.
The 2nd Workshop was held on Thursday, 28th of February and focused on: key factors that influence the development of the agro-food sector in Fier, soil and plant health, the use of chemicals for plant nutrition, and the use of pesticides for plant protection