SFEDA Project - Local Seminar for Dissemination of Activities and Results

Feb 27, 2020   Ruse, Bulgaria

On the 26th February 2020, the Directorate of Nature Park Rusenski Lom (DNPRL), PP 5 in Project SFEDA, has organized a local seminar for dissemination of the project activities and results. The event was attended by representatives of the local media, by members of the Fire Bridge, by representatives of the Civil protection directorate, by members of the Executive Forestry Agency and by guests from the different project target groups.

As part of the event, DNPRL presented the project and its activities and deliverables, as well as the installed and used thermal camera.
The University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev", PP 4 in the Project, was also involved in the event and presented the THEASIS system concepts and how the modern unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for early detection of forest fires.