Monitoring of Invalor 101 Project

Nov 30, 2001   MA of INTERREG Programmes, Leoforos Georgikis Scholis 65, Thessloniki

Further to your recent input to the JS and taking into account the implementation progress of your project to date, please be kindly invited to the premises of the Managing Authority in Thessaloniki for a technical meeting on Thursday 29/09/2012, at 10.00 a.m. (Greek time).
The proposed Agenda includes:
-              Current status of the project
-              Project expenditure (paid-out & verified)
-              First Level Control
-              Technical part of the project (deliverables)
-              Reporting
Please note that the participation of all project beneficiaries is obligatory, and the resulting Travel and Accommodation costs will be covered from the project funds.
Moreover, it is necessary that the meeting is attended by the persons actually involved in project implementation, who are in the position to provide accurate feedback to the MA/ JS on the items of the Agenda, especially of the persons with managerial tasks.

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