HERMES, Kick-off Meeting

Aug 31, 2017   Varna, Bulgaria

The Kick-Off Meeting was an opportunity for PPs to discuss in detail
the regulatory and overall program framework

the scope of the project
the expectations of each one and their stakeholders
the risks, challenges and possible solutions and

the next implementation steps

The 1st day closed with a full presentation of WP1 Project Management and Coordination by the LP Coordinator. Regarding WP2 Project Communication and Dissemination(C&D), the discussion highlighted a common understanding that Partners need to jointly communicate to local audience all activities and results emanating from the project. Regarding WP3 Current Status Analysis and Assessment, PP3(ORION) gave a presentation of main tasks. The core message conveyed was that PPs had to collect data in line with a jointly defined method. Regarding WP4 Common Methodologies and Tools, it was presented by its leader, PP5(TEULEDA) who gave an analysis of the various tasks. Regarding WP5 Pilot Implementation, a very detailed presentation was given by the PP2 (DUTH). During the discussion, it was made clear that PPs were expected to use their knowledge of local conditions and actors, to draw benefits from similar ongoing or completed projects, to link with involved authorities and entities and to use knowledge to develop an alternative sustainable but highly credible and efficient approach to combat coastal erosion. Regarding WP6 Joint Policy Recommendations and Guidelines was presented by PP6(IEP) who noted that the outputs of this WP will constitute the major part of the project legacy.

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