PLAM Vocational Training Center and partners

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity PLAM Vocational Training Center and partners
First Name Georgi
Last Name Iliev
Address 3 Hemus Str., 2600 Dupnitsa town, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 899893612
Project idea title Ruling the soures
Specific problem to be addressed Human resources skills, competences and mobility are some of the key constrains for competitiveness of the programme countries’ economies. This issue reflections can be traced from low levels on innovations through low levels of labour productivity till low levels of programme countries economies’ value added. In this context, a crucial challenge is gathering all parties concerned in HR competitiveness as a fundament of competitive economy to joint forces.
Main project activities planned 1. Analyzing national regulations and demands for effective professional trainings and key competences courses, effective professional advising, mentoring for young people. 2. Developing transnational online system for professional and key competences trainings, advising and mentoring. 3. Developing a partnership network for testing, sustaining and developing the system. 4. Putting the system into partners practice and all parties concerned by it during the project.
Expected outputs and results Balkan system for mutually admitted porfessional and key competences trainings, advising and consulting for the management and the workforce operating and a Balkan network for its sustaining and operationg established and acting.
State you area of expertise/ interest Developing online systems, programmes, approaches as well online applications for professional trainings, trainings in key competences, porfessional advising, consulting and mentoring (both for the management and the workforce) developing partnerships at national/transnational level for testing/applying them.