Association of Bulgarian Cities and Regions - Ruse

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Innovative territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Association of Bulgarian Cities and Regions - Ruse
First Name Lili
Last Name Borisova
Address 2 D-r Mustakov 2 Sqr., Ruse, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 898598434
Project idea title Asclepius
Specific problem to be addressed In the ancient times and nowadays herbs are main healing mean - basic primary means of cooking, essential for prevention, care and cosmetics. Place of herbs stems from the folk tradition, including folklore and cultural traditions of each nation. Till now although many information resources, population of Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, FYROM and Albania do not know enough for herb fortune. There is a lack of knowledge for the past times. Strong information deficit, connections, innovations, change of good practices, cooperation for innovation transfer in herbs sector. Searched Partners: Business organizations, Civil authorities, Regional Authorities, Educational Authorities , Organizations that supports innovations from: Greece, Cyprus, FYROM and Albania. Bulgaria will participate with second Bulgarian project partner - University with agrarian profile. If inability to realize the quadruple helix - organizations that support innovation;
Main project activities planned Asclepius is the son of Apollo. He treated so successfully that the powerful ruler of the underworld Hades was left without work. Herbs sector can be conditionally divided into herb production, herb processing and herbs services (traditional medicine) Project “Asclepius” aims to promote sustainable usage of herbs in the field of countries in the eligible area. Main challenges are: powerful herbal databases in the three subsectors, business meetings and developing of Balkan Market System and improvement of communication and innovations in the Herbs Sector, exchange of good practices , transnational cooperation of the “quadruple helix”; Preparation of strategic documents and plans for the development of HERBS sector.
State you area of expertise/ interest “Association of Bulgarian cities and regions” is organization with ideal target, which main activities are directed to development of local self-government in cities and regional policy in Bulgaria. Our mission is to become a partner of national, international and European institutions and organizations during developing and realization of national European policies and programs for local and regional development. Leads partnership policy of partnership with similar activities on the subject of European and international institutions and organizations of Bulgarian cities and regions in European regional policy.