Magnesia Chamber

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Competitive territories
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Magnesia Chamber
First Name Fanourios
Last Name Panagopoulos
Address 176 Dimitriados Av., Volos, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2421094700
Project idea title BUS4INNO
Specific problem to be addressed The Economic Crisis during the last five years caused many business owners to hit the pause button on succession planning for their businesses and a large number of family SMEs to stop activities. Increased economic uncertainty, combined with generational shifts in the expectations and attitudes of the workforce, have made many succession plans outdated, ineffective, or obsolete. Youth people with innovative ideas remain inactive while older people cannot transfer their valuable experience.
Main project activities planned The project aims to fill this gap by supporting in every aspect business succession plans that could incorporate innovative and sustainable ideas. The above aim could be accomplished through the implementation of studies, mentoring, seminars, study visits and web based applications that could match and guide both parties on the necessary steps for the implementation of a business succession plan with innovative elements.
Expected outputs and results Some of the expected outcomes and results will be: - Status Quo Analysis in every region; - Creation of Business Succession Market Portal and mobile app; - Implementation of seminars on tax, innovation, managerial issues; - Mentoring on legal, taxation, innovation, planning, financing, exports; - Identification of innovative business succession plans (good practices); - Study Visits; - Creation of a Business Succession – Innovation guide; - Promotional Activities (Conferences, Meetings, Special Events etc).
State you area of expertise/ interest The Chamber of Magnesia is a Public Entity which has been established since 1988 has more than 16.000 members. The Chamber is a consulting and advisory Body of the State and companies which aim to represent, supervise and promote every business sector, aiming at the financial evolution. During the last decade the Chamber implemented many National and European projects. We are looking for Chambers, Prefectures and Academic Institutions form FYROM, Cyprus and Bulgaria.