Regional Development Agency, Korce

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Country Albania
Organization/ Entity Regional Development Agency, Korce
First Name Aurel
Last Name Grabocka
Address Lagj.7, "Konferenca e Pezes", Korce, Albania
Contact Phone 00355 682034464
Specific problem to be addressed Unemployed young people who lack motivation; start-up businesses run by young people; lack of new innovative business ideas; lack of initiative and skills to start and run a new business; poor management of urban solid waste.
Main project activities planned Identifying unemployed young people; filling-up questionnaires; business skills training courses; professional courses (VET Center) for young people; writing business plans and providing innovative ideas; exchange of experience; creation of business clusters; similar experiences with business incubators; cross-border cooperation; collection and recycling the solid waste and their management (waste division).
Expected outputs and results New businesses run by young people; Increase of employment rate; A stronger cross-border cooperation; Reduce the business informality rate; education of inhabitants in managing their solid waste and to keep the environment clean and healthy.