Razgrad District Administration

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Competitive territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Razgrad District Administration
First Name Svetlin
Last Name Simeonov
Address 37A Beli Lom Blvd., Razgrad, Bulgaria
Email ibmnproject@mail.bg
Contact Phone 00359 895518106
Specific problem to be addressed Disproportionate level of economic development of all areas in the region. Challenge to find the most innovative solutions to increase cohesion and to reach competitiveness of SMEs. Low degree of internationalization of the innovation process. Lack of close connections and coordination between actors in the Balkan – Med area. Lack of mediators which could force the synergy and internationalization of the local SMEs.
Main project activities planned Establishment of local informational offices and their connection in the network IBMN for exchange of information /incl. common database/, experience and expertise /web based portal/. Organization of common events /five study visits for the team and for the stakeholders, including business exchange forums and seminars/, workshops for smart solutions in internationalization and innovation process. Development of researches/analyzes concerning the idea; strategy for development of the network.
Expected outputs and results Established local information offices in all 5 countries, connected in the IBM Network as a mediator and a new business model to promote the cooperation in the whole region, common data base incl. supply and demand of the local SMEs. Joint analyzes to support the development of the new business models and joint strategy for development of the network promoting the process for innovation and internationalization of the SMEs in the area. Organized joint events.
State you area of expertise/ interest RTPZK Razgrad and Razgrad District administration /Lead partner/ have implemented together successful project under CBC Romania-Bulgaria in support the SMEs. The both institutions have developed some projects under INTERREG program together. For the present idea we are searching partners from the other four countries of the program. We have interest to find different kind of actors, who have interest in the idea and could contribute to the quality of the project implementation.