Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
First Name Chris
Last Name Ringas
Address 6 Angelou Geronta Str., 10558 Athens, Greece
Email riggasch@piraeusbank.gr; fasoulam@piraeusbank.gr
Contact Phone 0030 2103256944, 0030 2103256942
Project idea title Education, training and counseling to promote entrepreneurship for SMEs active in traditional techniques and products
Specific problem to be addressed PIOP operates thematic museums in areas of Greece far from the centers of economic and trade life. These Museums focus on traditional techniques and products and they can be a hub for the transfer of best practices and knowledge to SME’s in these areas that are active in the same fields, in order to enhance their competitiveness and economic growth through innovative tools. Silk Museum in Soufli -Bulgaria, Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina - Albania, Marble Crafts Museum of Tinos - Cyprus.
Main project activities planned Education, training and counseling to promote entrepreneurship and increase competitiveness Workshops (educational material, training methods, exchange of good practices). Digital platform (easy access to educational material, e-learning courses, networking , business information, ICT skills, digital innovation, best practices) Creating clusters and social cooperatives by SME’s active in the field of traditional techniques Creation of digital marketing tools for the promotion of products
Expected outputs and results Transnational ""triple helix"" partnerships (business sector, public sector, research / academic centers) Transfer of know how. Implementation of workshops to shape transnational educational material and training methods. Experience and knowledge transfer of good practices from each country. Benchmarking tools. E-learning course.
State you area of expertise/ interest Partners from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania. Universities (business education, marketing, digital tools and innovations). Public bodies of local administration.