Beehive Co-working Space, Varna

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Beehive Co-working Space, Varna
First Name Boychev
Last Name Boychev
Address 54 General Kolev Str., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 887807236
Project idea title Innovation in Entrepreneurship via building a reginal Startup ecosystem
Specific problem to be addressed Our aim is to prevent the youth unemployment in a long-term. Youth will have the chance to adjust to the business capacity and to prepare to the new needs of the labour market. The project is enhancing entrepreneurship skills of managerial staff and vocational training of young people which have their own business idea.
Main project activities planned - Train the trainers from each other countries; - The already trained trainers play the role of ambassadors and provide training the young entrepreneurs; - Training initiatives for young entrepreneurs and development of the joint training curricula; - Meeting between the business representatives and the participants, chance to maintain transnational networks with international entrepreneurs, and to exchange experience and knowledge; - Chance for the participants who are sharing one idea to form a team; - The teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas in front to the local; entrepreneurial leaders and will receive a professional feedback.
Expected outputs and results Well organized agenda, which will lead to increase the youth employment and the number of the participants of the countries partners to minimum 30 people, which in total will be 90 participants. Develop joint mechanisms that will allow exchange and transfer of knowledge between regions. Establish transnational networks of entrepreneurs aiming to improve competitiveness by sharing best;Establish efficient links between business and vocational training;
State you area of expertise/ interest We are interested in finding project partners, mainly Vocational education and training institutes/centres & NGOs, co-working spaces, VCs, incubator and accelerators. The participants should be young people and groups of marketing specialists, developers, designers or just Startup enthusiasts. Those people should be interested to organize vocational training’s agenda fostering entrepreneurial skills and developing the capacities of the entrepreneurs. If you are interested in our project idea, feel free to contact us.