Three Thirds Society / Non-Profit Organization

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Three Thirds Society / Non-Profit Organization
First Name Costas
Last Name Economopoulos
Address 2 Pellis Str., Nea Philadelphia, 14342 Αthens, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2117057627
Project idea title Cultural Heritage Digitization
Specific problem to be addressed The region of Balkan includes many countries that have a vast amount of items that are considered relics of cultural heritage. Many thousands of smaller cultural institutions are trying to preserve these relics with the help of digitization. The problem occurs when the procedure that is followed for the digitization is not standardized and does not meet the necessary specifications for the material to be included in the bigger cultural databases.
Main project activities planned The main objective of this proposal is the support of the digitization and the documentation of cultural content using standardized procedures that will allow it to be included in large scale databases of similar content. By following these procedures, the institutions that provide this content are given the opportunity to contribute to the region’s cultural and touristic reinforcement by presenting their cultural material in a worldwide range, through large scale cultural databases.
Expected outputs and results The project foresees: The creation of educational material which will be distributed to the institutions that participate. Participation of the aforementioned institutions in seminars about the digitization and documentation standards. The editing of digitization and documentation manuals. Creating a center of collaboration for larger cultural institutions that will form social enterprises which will employ young and unemployed graduates on relevant fields.
State you area of expertise/ interest Society 3/3 has expertise in social economy and entrepreneurship. During the last 4 years the organization has worked towards the development of operating models for social entrepreneurship in various sectors and has established many social enterprises. Main interest is to support economic development, take initiatives in economic, political and legislative level to address issues of social exclusion, promote gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination.