Albanian Center for Sustainable Development (ACSD)

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Innovative territories
Country Albania
Organization/ Entity Albanian Center for Sustainable Development (ACSD)
First Name Eva
Last Name Dauti
Address Skenderbej Square, Cultural Palace, Tirana, Albania
Contact Phone 00355 693458865
Main project activities planned - Encouraging the setting up or upgrading of social enterprises through the development of methodologies, workshops, peer-mentoring, seminars, trainings and know‐how support; - Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs by stimulating business performance through the adaptation of new and innovative models of business; - Develop policies to improve the promotion of business entities, education institution and vocational training for investing in lifelong learning and new skill promotion, through transnational cooperation schemes of the “triple helix”; - Encourage partnerships and networking among business sector, public sector, research / academic centers and civil society organizations through transnational cooperation schemes of the “ quadruple helix”; - Joint organization of training for the promotion of potential entrepreneurs, including the unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.
Expected outputs and results - Joint training curricula, methodologies and tailor‐made learning modules in the field of entrepreneurship; - Establishing transnational network and cooperation of entrepreneurs; - Organization of field visits for the exchange of experiences and good practices; - Creation of new jobs for a better social and economic status; - Establishment of effective partnerships between business entities, education institution\ academic centers and civil society organizations.
State you area of expertise/ interest Albanian Center for Sustainable Development (ACSD) is an Albanian organization that operates in Albania and around it, for more than 10 years. The main mission of the organization is to become a leading organization in the framework of sustainable development policy. We provide expertise, consultancy, studies, projects, in a wide range of fields such as environmental protection and environmental policy, social development and social innovation, entrepreneurship, promoting innovative ideas and new business models’, with a particular focus on the measurement of performance indicators and capacity building of public institutions. Methodology of action is based on the analytical assessment of expertise, teamwork, establishment sustainable national and international partnerships with local government and civil society bodies. Technical, organizational and financial capacity of the organization has steadily increased over the years.