Municipality of Patras

Priority Axis


Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Municipality of Patras
First Name Vasileios
Last Name Papaioannou
Address 28 Pantanassis Str., Patras, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2613610309
Project idea title Searching in participating in proposal
Main project activities planned According to S.O.2.2. Municipality of Patras is the competent local authority for the collection, transfer, processing and disposal of waste. The annual amount of waste is about 100.000 tons. Its new business plan for waste management includes targeted separate collection and recycling prevention activities (including composting). It also focuses on raising awareness of citizens on waste prevention and management. The Municipality of Patras is responsible for making and applying policies and projects on waste management and recycling in its area. The medium-term objective of the Municipality of Patras is the reduction of waste generated per capita, preparation for re-use and recycling by separate collection of recyclable - biowaste be applied to 50% of all municipal solid waste. An important objective is to inform and raise awareness among citizens on waste issues in order to reduce production and increase recycling.
Expected outputs and results According to S.O.2.3. Municipality of Patras is responsible for about 300 buildings and the public lights of the city, which are potential targets to implement energy efficiency projects. The Municipality has performed three projects of green roofs in schools to halt energy consumption in the building, both during the summer and winter by reducing energy losses and heat exchange with the environment. This result was achieved through three mechanisms. By means of the shadow produced by vegetation, from the cooling resulting from the evapotranspiration of the plants and the substrate and from the insulation provided by the multilevel stratification green roof.
State you area of expertise/ interest Patras is Greece's third largest city and the regional capital of Western Greece, in northern Peloponnese. It has a population of 213,984 (in 2011) extends over an area of 334.85 km2. We are interested in participating in proposal in the Specific Objectives of 2.2. Sustainable territories and 2.3. Delivery on environmental legal framework.