University of Piraeus, Research Centre - Department of Maritime Studies

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Country Greece
Organization/ Entity University of Piraeus, Research Centre - Department of Maritime Studies
First Name Kostas
Last Name Papazoglou
Address 2-4 Naxou Str., 15238 Chalandri, Athens, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2108056321-5
Project idea title Looking for a consortium to join as a partner
Specific problem to be addressed Marine Protected Areas Marine litter Underwater cultural heritage Harbours – ports - marinas Waste Management Plans for ports Environmental monitoring of atmospheric and marine pollution Coastal tourism / Sailing Tourism
Main project activities planned Piraeus Research Centre managed almost 70 EU projects:22 FP7,2 Marie Curie,25 LLP, 30 various IEE, CIPS, ENPI CB, CIVIL JUSTICE. The Lab. of Maritime Studies was in many EU-international projects (e.g.MOS4MOS, PROPS). Prof. Tselentis was in the scientific committee of many EU projects: e.g.’Black Sea & Port-Cities: Development-Linkages with the Global Economy’, ’Optimized Simulation Platform for Freight Transport through Marine Container Improving Productivity and Measuring Environmental-Economic Implications’, ’Critical Appraisal of Proposals in Green Paper on a Future Maritime Policy for the EU’. Also he was the scientific coordinator of a UNEP project (RAC-SPA N° 100RAC/SPA/2009)-Pilot Marine Protected Area on the island of Milos Greece.
Expected outputs and results - Increase knowledge about other European environmental practices regarding the establishment of national-international networks & awareness campaigns in order to reduce marine litter and mainly plastic pollution; - Bring new knowledge to Greece and to the local level of Greek islands and coastal zone; - Advance studies and action plans for ports and marinas in Greek islands; - Protection of Balkan – Med cultural heritage in coastal areas and underwater cultural resources.
State you area of expertise/ interest The Laboratory of Marine Science is part of the University of Piraeus and in specific of the department of Maritime Studies. It has conducted research since the early 1990's in collaboration with other scientific bodies and independent scientific researchers, preliminary investigations and collection of biological and oceanographic data in different maritime areas of Greece to be used, amongst others, in selecting suitable areas for the creation of Marine Protected Biotopes. The research interests of the laboratory also lie in the area of marine protected areas, environmental management of harbour and port operations regarding Waste Management Plan Development, Port Environmental Review System Certification and Environmental Impact Assessment for ports and marinas, environmental monitoring of atmospheric and marine pollution, measurements of basic pollutants in water and air analysis of novel substances and development plans for the protection of the sea and coastal zones from shipping and tourism.