Association of Bulgarian Cities and Regions

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Association of Bulgarian Cities and Regions
First Name Lili
Last Name Borisova
Address 18 Vitosha Sqr., Sofia/ 2 Dr Mustakov Sqr., Ruse, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 898598434
Project idea title Tourism on one hand distance
Specific problem to be addressed Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM and Albania lag behind with the implementation of European policies to promote and encourage bicycle travel, also lagging behind European standards and travel short distances - up to 10 -20 km. Project is innovative, as it predicts new place for bicycles – as a tool and reference standard for creation of tourist products. Till now there are no general (joint) cross-border tourist products that promote tourism in populated areas. Bulgaria and Greece have strong tourism, but it is highly fragmented and is highly concentrated in marine areas, but for Bulgaria success is winter tourism and tourism related to SPA procedures. Tourism in FYROM and Albania has strong difficulties.
Main project activities planned Project will develop cross-border tourist products , which include – route selection, choice of subject, choice of travel logistics, choice and options for urban cycling, route selection, choice of time for tour. Main activities on project: Logistic creation of tourist routes that are actually useful and can extend maximum landmarks within two - three hours; Logistic creation of tourist routes that are actually useful and can extend maximum landmarks within two - three days (Tourism on one hand distance). Each route will have specific topic and will unite bike and tourist infrastructure. Route must meet several criteria. Tourism by bicycle, will be combined with other means of transport, it will encourage the creation of virtual navigation system - navigation with mobile applications. The project adheres closely to development of European initiatives and creation of joint European cross-border transport corridors.
Expected outputs and results Exploration of cultural and natural heritage in the field of Tourism, Environment and prevention of cultural and historical landmarks for Bulgaria/Greece/FYROM/Albania. Realized new strategic plans/ concepts of the principal – Tourism on one hand distance; New tourist routes – implemented in transregional corridor based on principal: - Tourism on one hand distance; Expert travel forums – Opportunities for creation of tourist bicycle corridors Creation of tourist virtual maps
State you area of expertise/ interest “Association of Bulgarian cities and regions” is organization with ideal target, which main activities are directed to development of local self-government in cities and regional policy in Bulgaria . Our mission is to become a partner of national, international and European institutions and organizations during developing and realization of national European policies and programs for local and regional development. Leads partnership policy of partnership with similar activities on the subject of European and international institutions and organizations of Bulgarian cities and regions in European regional policy. Association of Bulgarian cities and regions” has dozens international projects on many European programs – connected in partner network. Huge expert potential based on cooperation with all Bulgarian universities and 50 from biggest Bulgarian municipalities,including Sofia. Association is financially stable and has its own office in Brussels.;We are searching partners from Greece, FYROM and Albania that can be : civic associations, local authorities, associations of tourist authorities, educational structures, civil associations, including cyclists; that explore the theme Tourism within the respective regions or countries.