Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity CERTH
First Name Alexia
Last Name Briassouli
Address 6th km Charilaou Thermi Rd, 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece
Email abria@iti.gr
Contact Phone 0030 2311257769
Project idea title waterwatch: water quality and levels monitoring system and dss for environmental and ch preservation
Specific problem to be addressed Climate change and human interventions like vegetation stripping have resulted in environmental impacts such as increased flooding in many Balkan - Med regions, reducing biodiversity and also threatening local cultural heritage CH sites. Technologies can help assess the water level and quality to accurately predict future flood events and prepare for them appropriately.
Main project activities planned A comprehensive ICT enabled system for the protection of lakes, rivers and wetlands and CH sites vulnerable to flooding and water pollution in the Balkan – Mediterranean region is proposed, monitoring for early flooding and water quality via SoA wireless sensor networks (WSN) and high resolution terrestrial video surveillance. These sensing results will also be intelligently fused into a Decision Support System (DSS) for effective management of the region. Joint strategies for the protection of the environmnet and CH based on the proposed ICT system will be tested and evaluated in over 4 pilot sites in different Balkan-Ned regions.
Expected outputs and results The project will result in an efficient water quality and level monitoring and decision support system (DSS), based on SoA WSNs and high resolution video monitoring.
State you area of expertise/ interest CERTH's areas of expertise are video analytics, signal analysis for event detection. CERTH will also develop methods for the intelligent, semantically-based fusion of WSN and video data analysis outcomes resulting in a DSS. The interfaces and apps can be developed by CERTH.