Union of Albanian Business



Union of Albanian Business (BiznesAlbania) is established on 10 December 2010 as an independent organization of employers and business associations. Having been established due to the increasing need for the private sector to stand together with a unified voice, BiznesAlbania has become the sole organization representing, promoting and safeguarding the rights and interests of employers in Albania. BiznesAlbania provides a forum for consultation and discussion among members on matters of common interest, and seeks for the adoption of principles and best practices through information, legal advice, research, training and other activities.

BiznesAlbania has 24 Business Associations as association members, and a number of individual companies as direct members. It represents more than 30.000 employers as part of   association members

BiznesAlbania is recognized nationally, regionally and internationally. In December 2013, BiznesAlbania became a member of the National Council of Labour having also the position of the deputy chairman of the Council representing the employers’ side. It is also a member of the National Economic Council chaired by the Prime Minister of Albania and in a series of committees and boards that serve the Tripartite Social Dialogue in Albania.

It works closely with the ILO and is  a full  member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) since June 2013, partner of BusinessEurope and DECP (Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programme).
BiznesAlbania offers its members a wide range of services including Law Consultation Service, Information Dissemination, VET, Networking, Lobbying/Advocacy, and Research & Publications.

In March 2014 BiznesAlbania in cooperation with ILO Office in Budapest conducted strategic planning workshop to review strategic direction for BiznesAlbania. A key outcome of the workshop was that BiznesAlbania should eventually broaden its range of issues concerning business therefore becoming eventually a business organization rather than employers’ organization. The mission and vision for the organization has been redrafted to reflect this need.