ILIRIA – Protection and Social & Environmental Development Association



The PSEDA-ILIRIA is a NGO, established in 2003, and registered by the District Court of Tirana on 27.01.2003, with the decision No. 511. The main office is established in Tirana, but operates with its staff at national level.
The structure of organization is:  1) the general assembly, 2) board of directors 3) Chairman of the organization 4) Other support structures (secretary, vice chairman, financial department).

The annual budget is around 115,000 EUR. Most of the resources are from implementation projects. Organization has two offices in Tirana with in total 11 working places. It operates in different sectors and tasks; waste, nature conservation, environment, forestry, agriculture, climate changes, socio-economic studies etc.  The organization cooperates with different partners like; JICA, University of Salento-Italy, GEF, UNDP, WWF, Albanian Ministry of Environment, European Commission etc.