Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Practices and Rural Development


Republic of North Macedonia

The Association "Center for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and rural development" is established upon initiative of a group of citizens – experts in the field of agriculture, rural development, economy and environment based on their personal knowledge and experience as well as realization of the necessary need for intensive work in the field to introduce sustainable practices in the area of agriculture and rural development. The Association is established with an initial meeting of its founders in June, 2007 when a decision is made about the name, short name (with latin letters) and the symbol of the Association.
CeProSARD aims to achieve the following goals:
- increased sustainability in the development of agriculture and environment;
- support to the development of institutional capacities on local and national level;
- increased awareness for performance of sustainable practices in agriculture and rural development;
- proper management of the human and natural resources;
- increased awareness for the deficiency, the needs and methods for energy saving, as well as for energy management as a resource from the agricultural practices;
- decreased greenhouse emissions and air pollution, decreased contamination of the soil and the waters in the Republic of North Macedonia;
- support to utilization of the government measures and implementation of the measures of the EU for adjustment and protection of the environment;
- protection of the cultural heritage as a significant element of the sustainable development in the contemporary global tendencies for protection of the environment and climate change.

Rural areas developed in sustainable manner with profound consideration of environment, efficient use of renewable energies, energy efficiency, preserved cultural heritage that will contribute for creation of favorable social environment for future generations.
Our mission is to introduce and promote sustainable rural development. Through research and application of best practices we aim for provision of improved living conditions both in rural and urban areas
The Association is acting and will continue to develop as an Non Governmental Organization, targeting extension of its activities on the whole territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, while at the same time establishing closer cooperation with other NGO’s, until final establishment of a network of NGO’s and promotional stations in the benefit of the utilization of sustainable practices in the agriculture and rural development. The Association will establish close cooperation with the local self governments and the central institutions, while lobbying for promotion and realization of its mission.