Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Department of Computer Engineering



The Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Epirus was founded in 1994 in the northwestern part of Greece. It is a Public Institution, completely self-governed, and belongs to the technological sector of Greek Tertiary Education. It functions under the supervision of the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. It has its main Campus and administrative centre in Arta and Departments in Ioannina, Preveza and Igoumenitsa.

The Institute consists of the following 5 Faculties and 8 Departments:
- Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Food Technology and Nutrition - Arta (Department of Agricultural Technology);
- Faculty of Applied Technology - Arta (Department of Computer Engineering);
- Faculty of Arts - Arta (Department of Traditional Music);
- Faculty of Management & Economics - Igoumenitsa (Department of Business Administration - Igoumenitsa, Department of Accounting and Finance - Preveza);
- Faculty of Health & Welfare Professions - Ioannina (Department of Speech & Language Therapy, Department of Nursing, Department of Early Childhood Care and Education).

The Institute hosts today more than 10.000 students; it employs 87 members of academic staff, 22 members of technical staff, 4 members of laboratory teaching staff (musicians) and 94 members of administrative staff.
Courses are taught in Greek. Occasionally, exchange students (i.e. Erasmus) may be allowed to carry out assignments in English (or another language) or attend tutorials (in small groups or individual sessions) led by members of the academic staff.

The duration of studies is eight semesters (including Work Placement). There are no tuition fees charged to students (Greek, international or exchange students).

The Institute has and actually is co-organising three (3) MSc Programmes with Greek Universities (University of Ioannina and University of Thessaly).

Currently it has formal exchange agreements with a large number of Universities through the well-established Erasmus programme of the European Commission.

T.E.I. of Epirus welcomes foreign students who wish to expand their academic horizons by spending a semester or a year studying at its Departments.

Our institution has succeeded in becoming a dynamic regional Technological Institute that aims at offering high-quality education despite its geographic location. Its curriculum covers the modern scientific fields which offer professional development.

It has perfect infrastructure, modern laboratory equipment, organized libraries and excellent academic and research staff that has succeeded nationally and internationally, while the administrative support is of a high level.
T.E.I. of Epirus is a modern centre of knowledge, technological research and innovation.

The Department of Computer Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus was founded in the city of Arta in 1998 and belongs to the School  of Applied Science.  It offers the following three directions of specialization:
- Software engineering
- Networks Engineering
- Computer Engineering

Department’s missions:
- Provide high quality teaching of Computer Science and Communications subjects
- Development of a concrete background of knowledge needed by the Computer Science and Communication professional for his/her future work;
- Promote knowledge and research for Computer Science and Communications;
- Become a solution provider and center of excellence benefiting the prefecture of Epirus and neighboring prefectures.

Department’s goals:
- Develop a vibrant academic environment, focused towards continuous improvement and adaptation to the ever changing technology landscape;
- Continuous update of the curriculum offered to our students;
- Apply beneficial new teaching methods;
- Transfer research skills to our students;
- Develop computer science and communications specialists that are capable of using their knowledge in an ethical and responsible way.

The Department has 14 faculty members, 1 laboratory teaching staff, 1 technical teaching staff and 3 members of administrative staff.