Regional Development Agency of Lezha - LERDA



The Regional Development Agency of Lezha (LERDA) was created based on the initiative of the Regional Council of Lezha with the support of Regional Development Programme of Northern Albania in accordance with European approaches to regional development.

LERDA received the approval of the Regional Council of Lezha on 20.02.2013, decision no.11 for the “Establishment of the Lezha Regional Development Agency

The Regional Development Agency of Lezha (LERDA) is established on 11.12. 2013 according to the Law No. 8652, dated 31.7.2000 “On the organization and functioning of local government.” Law no. 8788, dated 03.05.2001 “For Non-Profit Organizations” and Law no. 8789, dated 07.05.2001 “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”  based on principles that include the government level that are closest to the citizens, local autonomy, cooperation and subsidiary, with the main purpose of designing and implementation of regional development policies.

The aim of the Regional Development Agency Lezha (LERDA) is to improve the socio- economic wellbeing of the region, standards of living for all our citizens by: supporting and promoting employment and investment; building and strengthening partnerships with stakeholders; contributing to achieving sustainable development in economic, environment and social sector.