DYEKO - Support Network for Entrepreneurship and Social Economy



The main question the Developmental Net DYEKO answered is framed by the weakness of a social group as women is, to go through the establishment of social enterprises, and to secure the viable operation of the particular enterprises and their financial and social productiveness.The weakness of the audit above mentioned is a result of a queue of factors, which are categorized in a twofold basis:Firstly, the question is answered under the prism of social enterprise by the given factors as below follows:i. the lack of information towards women in relation of their abilities and given advantages to establish a social enterpriseii. the limited given access of women to the financial resourcesiii. the lack of technical material and the resulted ‘’fear’’ in relation to the way of operating a social enterpriseiv. the lack of time due to family responsibilitiesSecondly, the question is answered under the prism of social enterprise by the given factors as below follows:i. the lack of support and mentoring under the first hard period of operation of a new enterpriseii. the lack of experience of organizing a social enterprise and managing all of the affairs co-exist within its own operation iii. the inadequate officials rank which will support the new enterpriseAll the above mentioned factors retrospectively react towards the first beginning of a business activity within the social economy and prevent the new women from the starting out a particular activity, which will give advantage to their business career and weak their potentials to establish a viable enterprise.The developmental Net DYEKO has been established under the logical framework of co-operation of partners, which are especially active over issues related to the particular project’s subject, so the synthesis of partner’s expertisation and the conjunction of their plans for actions to draft and implement the works of the present project in a way that secures, on one hand the continuity and the representation relative to the subject of the project and, on the other hand to guarantee the project’s productiveness and viability.The principal idea of the question mentioned above and the approached methodology of the project’s implementation are based upon the innovative mechanism of the virtual social incubator of new enterprises over social economy, which will offer total solution services in relation to the information, the training and the counseling support of women – business candidates, the establishment of new enterprises and their back-up under the first two years period of their operation, which is a period significantly important to secure the viability and success of a company. Moreover, it is predicted a series of activities by the project; a plan of action that includes preparation research acts and dissemination of results; in that effect, the project should be characterized as a total solution over the particular issue considered with.