Federation of Hellenic Food Industries

Address www.sevt.gr


Federation of Hellenic Food industries (SEVT) represents the Greek Food & Drink Industry in national european and international level. SEVT membership is made up of food and drink companies and sector associations.

The mission of SEVT is to facilitate the development of an environment in which all food and drink companies, whatever their size, can meet the needs of consumers and society, while at the same time competing effectively for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

SEVT’s work is based on sound scientific research, robust data management and effective communication, working within the regulatory framework to ensure that all food and drink policy issues are dealt with in a holistic manner. The organisation promotes members’ interests in areas such as food safety and quality, nutrition and health, consumer trust and choice, competitiveness, research and development, innovation and environmental sustainability. In carrying out this mission, SEVT will, together with its members, operate as an active, committed and responsible stakeholder organisation.  SEVT will work to increase the visibility of Greek’s food and drink industry, while enhancing and promoting its cultural and social values, as well as its richness, variety and traditions.

SEVT seeks to enhance and promote the long-standing tradition of quality and variety that has been vital in gaining Greek’s food and drink industry the world-class recognition that it enjoys today. By combining Greek’s food and drink heritage with innovation for the future, SEVT and its members aim to strengthen the industry’s competitive position in continuing to serve consumers’ needs by providing safe, nutritious, affordable food and drink products produced in a sustainable way. SEVT also aims to enhance consumer trust in Greek’s food and drink industry and create wider recognition of its important contribution to the daily lives of Greek consumers.

The Greek Food & Drink Industry is one of the largest manufacturing sector in terms of turnover and value added. The industry is a stable, competitive, resilient and robust sector, even in times of economic downturn. It is one of the very few manufacturing sectors, which has maintaned high production levels, presenting a turnover which surpasses €14.2 billions.