Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce

Address www.uhc.gr


The Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce( UHCC) represents all 59 Hellenic Chambers (of Commerce - Industry - Craft - Professional) throughout the country.
The UHCC and all its members Chambers are self-financed organisations operating as Public Law Legal Entities.
The actions of the organization pivot around the assumption of it being the State's enacted advisor on economy and growth in general; it also represents Hellenic Chambers at home and abroad, and provides services to them.
To this end, it develops actions making it an effective tool in the country's economic and social development.
Based on the above, the UHCC has set the following objectives, by order of priority:
1. To perform its consulting role vis-a-vis the authorities in the most effective way;
2. To provide integrated information services to its member-Chambers;
3. To efficiently represent Chambers at home and abroad;
4. To assert the management of development projects from the State.
UHCC’s  objectives
• Essential contribution in economic policy-making and implementation, via the submission of policy recommendations on every economic- related matter.
• Active participation in all functioning Committees that the State and various state bodies are setting up from time to time, concerning the economic activity.
• Active presence abroad, and especially within the European Union, South-Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.
• Effective operation of a Representation Office in Brussels, through which it promotes the interests of its members chambers and the Hellenic business community to the decision making bodies of the EU.
• Supports the adaptation to rules and the new standards in the single European market, by improving the competitiveness of businesses, and by freeing them of rigid and burdening regulations.
• Supports the full utilisation of the potential that small and medium-sized enterprises have for employment, growth and competitiveness.
• Promotes entrepreneurship and attracts foreign investments.
• Expands the role and activities of Chambers in vocational training and its connection with the Labour market.
• Proper operation of the Hellenic Business Registry and on-going mapping of the Greek business environment
• Effective indirect representation of the whole business community