Technological Research Centre of Western Macedonia



The promotion and systemisation of technological research linked to industrial production, innovation, product, applications and services quality, are an absolute necessity for the country’s development at a peripheral and national level.

The Technological Research Centre (TRC) of Western Macedonia, supported by laboratories of Higher Education Institutes in the region, can be an instrument capable of answering this challenge, as its main goals are:
- The conduction of technological research;
- The application of scientific and technological findings to solving particular problems in production procedures, and the social and economic development of the Western Macedonia region;
- The improvement of methods and production procedures used in meeting the region’s and country’s needs;
- The development of applications and products, and providing services; and
- The support of industrial and crafting units.

The TRC is a legal person under private law, supervised by the Ministry of Education, Religion, Civilisation and Athletics. It is based in Kozani and is linked to the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Western Macedonia. It is self-managed according to related legislation and its own Internal Code.

To achieve the goals mentioned above, the TRC of Western Macedonia: 
- Maintains a close relationship to production units and organised financial sectors in its region;
- Cooperates with the TEI of Western Macedonia, and promotes the development of relationships with other Higher Education Institutes, Research Centres, Academic Research Institutes, etc. in the country or abroad and with the Ministries and other bodies of the public and private sector;
- Performs studies and specific technological programmes on demand by or in cooperation with others or other programmes that fall in its scope;
- Undertakes the organisation and funding of technological programmes in Greece and abroad, publications, seminars and conferences;
- Produces technological products and provides services related to its research areas of interest;
- Performs other activities related to its scope;
- Promotes the transfer of advanced technology and know-how.

A number of research sectors operate in the TRC of Western Macedonia today, covering all of the production interest in the Western Macedonia Region. It meets all the requirements so that  it constitutes a complete centre in Western Macedonia – a catalyst of self-sustained technological and  business development in the region.