Submission of the Progress Report!

Jul 18, 2019

Further to closure of the 4th reporting period (01/01/2019- 30/06/2019), all LPs are invited to submit the Progress Report (PR) to the JS no later than Wednesday, 31/07/2019.

Project partners must send all the necessary information to their LPs in the template of the Progress Report, in order to facilitate collection and processing of their inputs.
The JS shall accept and register one Project Report (project, with information for the whole partnership, submitted officially by the Lead Partner and accompanied by a Cover Letter).
All Project Reports shall be submitted electronically via e-mail.
Key notes:
Paid-out expenditure includes all costs have actually been paid out (not planned to be paid-out)
Verified expenditure includes only the expenses which have been verified by FLC and for which you have a Certificate of Verified Expenditure.
The financial table is filled at AF level and not at SoB level
In case of expenditure within the same deliverable but at different budget lines, please add the amounts in separate lines in the table, mentioning the budget line (i.e. D.1.2.3-Staff, D.1.2.3.- Travel and Accommodation etc).
Do not forget to sum up the expenses of the 4th reporting period with those of the3rd, 2nd and of the 1st reporting period, in the respective column.
The AF (as in force) is your guide, therefore make sure that the amounts declared as paid-out and/or verified do not exceed your approved budget.
Do not forget to mention any Adjustments/ Modifications requested and approved within the 4th reporting period and/ or planned to be submitted in the following period.
If there has been any change in the composition (partner change) or the budget of your project, please pay special attention to correct the respective fields in the PR.
Do not forget to send all publicity material from the communication activities of the reporting period

Please find the template in the following link (Project Progress Report)