INNOViMENTOR Project - 1st Digital Publication

Mar 09, 2021

The book “411 years, 11 months and 11 days” belongs to the collection of 8 multimedia digital publications for iOS and Android operating systems generated by the INNOViMENTOR Project in Greece (2); Bulgaria (2); Cyprus (1); Albania (2) and the Republic of North Makedonia (1) funded by the INNTERREG BALKAN_ MEDITERRANEAN PROGRAMME 2014-2020.

The reader follows the historical and cultural itinerary of Corfu as the “Daughter of Venice”, supporting the mother with blood and sacrifices against the Ottoman expansion from  the Renaissance to the Modern Era until the unification of Corfu with Greece in 1864, through the testimonies of the protagonists. Ten stories developed around ten monuments in the Unesco-listed Old City of Corfu narrate the stories, disclose the passions and present the people and their struggles, dressed up in music, colors and emotions.

It is the first cross platform multimedia content fully aligned with the a) Faro Convention of the Council of Europe; b) EUROPEANA Intellectual Property Rights Guidelines and c) the European Audiovisual and Media Services Directive (2018) and more particularly the Article 16 “Promotion and Distribution of European Heritage Works”.

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