BAS Project - 3D International Conference

Oct 17, 2018   Sofia, Bulgaria

3d International BAS Conference ‘Benefit-As-you-Recycle’ was held in Sofia in 11-12 October 2018. The event was dedicated to the economical and environmental benefits of recycling. Within the framework, Sofia Municipality presented the Municipal Integrated System of Waste Management putting emphasis on the separate collection of 12 different types of domestic waste, including bulky waste, E-waste, hazardous domestic waste and bio waste.

‘The BAS project is very important to Sofia Municipality because it will give us the opportunity to taste different approaches on how to stimulate citizens to separate their hard waste in 13 different types of waste. With the BAS project, we are focusing on 4 types of waste – glass, plastic, metal and paper and for first time we are introducing the separation of bio waste on a domestic level. Those 5 different types of waste separation will help us building up attitude towards waste separation in general and we will use our experience from the Project when actively introducing the other 9 types of waste which are part of our Municipal Integrated System of Waste Management’. Said the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova in her welcome speech to the guests of the conference.

‘At that level of implementation of the BAS project, we have already identified our 300 participants in the pilot initiative and while waiting for all tenders for purchasing all waste containers, we have already started with the stimuli – we are building a new infrastructure and a playground within the green area between the blocks. People from the neighborhood are enthusiastic about their participation in the pilot project and are waiting with anticipation to receive their domestic waste containers.’ said Deputy-Mayor on Environment in Sofia Municipality Ioana Hristova.