Feb 13, 2019   Sofia, Greece

Sofia AirIT Marathon, dedicated to clean air, will be held on 14th of April 2019. This date, along with more details regarding the event, were cleared out during the first organizational meeting held out in Sofia Municipality today.

The Marathon will be a 5km road run and will be held in the very centre of the Bulgarian capital. Several main boulevards will be closed for motor vehicles for the time of the event.

All participants in the Sofia AirIT Marathon will run with a cause: Running for better air quality. The cause will be loudly popularized via different media channels and personally through different influencers and opinion leaders.

Sofia AirIT Marathon will be held under the AIRTHINGS project and will be focused on the personal impact for better air quality with an emphasis on personal access to air quality data in real time. 

The event will be co-organized by Sofia Municipality and Sofia European Capital of Sport Foundation with the participation of a wider range of local running NGOs.