Med Lab Group: Innovative Practices in Coastal Tourism

Apr 04, 2019   Palermo, Italy

Once a year the Southern Europe and the Mediterranean programmes meet to discuss about those topics that are of their interest. The past editions were focus mainly on the governance of the area and on the connection with the cooperation programmes to those new initiatives such as the WestMed Initiative and the governance platform Panoramed.

This meeting instead will be focus on the thematic priority of coastal tourism, dealt under the objectives of innovation and environment, being these the most common for external and internal cooperation programmes operating in Southern Europe and Mediterranean area.

“Traditionally, coastal tourism in Europe has been based so far on the so-called 3S model: sea, sand and sun. Over the decades, the need for accommodating growing number of tourists has led to the massive urbanization of portions of the Mediterranean coast, often in a rapid and uncontrolled manner. Nowadays, coastal development is a bulging phenomenon concerning long stretches of the Mediterranean coast, leading to the artificialisation of coastal and marine ecosystems, habitat fragmentation and deterioration. Thus, its success itself can threaten its own economic viability. As a blue growth sector, it has however the potential to create well-being and jobs while contributing to the good state of coastal and marine environments”. ResponSEAble Project.

The day after will be dedicated to the WestMed Initiative.