HELIX Project - Blended Mobility Courses on Sustainable Hospitality in the Balkan-Med Region

Apr 22, 2019

HELIX partnership developed curricula and Open Educational Resources for vocational training in sustainable hospitality. The courses `Sustainable Tourism Pedagogy` and `Entrepreneurial Skills for Sustainable Hospitality Enterprises` seek to build the competencies business innovation teaching and innovation in the Balkan-Med hospitality sector. They are adapted to the national contexts of HELIX countries - Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia - and are available in all partners’ languages and in English.

The courses are tested in real terms through pilot blended mobility trainings, each of which includes a home-country session focused on theory and a joint international praxis-oriented learning mobility.

The joint international mobility session `Sustainable Tourism Pedagogy`  was held in Durres (AL) from 19 to 21March, 2019. In total 50 trainers, educators and experts took part in it.

A joint mobility session `Entrepreneurial Skills for Sustainable Hospitality Enterprises` for 35 SME representative is held from 16 to 18 April, 2019 in Volos and in Department of Planning and Regional Development of University of Thessaly.

The last joint session is to be organized between 14 and 16 May 2019 in Skopje, North Macedonia. More than 60 prospective entrepreneurs and start-up representatives are expected to take part in it and to gain skills in sustainable development and innovations management.

More information on HELIX web-site: www.helix-balkanmed.eu