BalkanROAD Project - Final Agenda and OpenEARTH Carbon Footprint

Feb 10, 2020   Thessaloniki, Greece

The final agenda of the Conference is available here: Agenda

Oral presentations should not exceed 15 minutes, therefore prepare your files accordingly. In case you want to include a video in your presentation please contact us before the day of the presentation.
For workshops details please click here:
We would also like to inform you that the committees of the conference cooperate with all professionals involved in OpenEARTH organization and record all potential greenhouse gas resources (session halls, restaurants, transportations, etc) in order to estimate to the total Carbon Footprint of the conference.

As this is not an easy task due to the required data, we appreciate your contribution until now. In case you have not completed your data yet, please fill the attached file and send it back to this email.
OpenEARTH will delete its footprint from the planet on 15 February 2020 during the pilot field visit.
On behalf of the scientific committee