Skills4MSEs Project - Kick-off Meeting

Feb 22, 2019   Thessaloniki, Greece

On February 22nd 2019, the kick off meeting was held between the partners of “skills4MSEs” project. The meeting was held in Thessaloniki at the headquarters of the KEPA, which is the lead partner of the project with representatives from the other partners and in particular from the University of Macedonia – Department of Applied Informatics, Special Account of the Research Fund of the University of Macedonia (ELKE), Microfond Sofia Foundation from Bulgaria and “FED invest” SCA and Albanian Besa Capital Foundation from Albania.

During the first part of the meeting, the presentation of the project took place and the specific role of each partner in the implementation of the planned actions and deliverables was discussed in detail. During the second part of the meeting, a representative of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the “Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020” program also jointed the meeting and informed the project partners about the reporting process and the possibilities of modifications based on the program guidelines and rules.