BALKANET Project - Agrofood Festival

Jul 28, 2020   Peloponnese, Greece

The agro-food products Festival '' BALKANET '' was held on Monday 27 July 2020 in ​​the facilities of the Mercouri estate in Peloponnese, Greece. The Chamber of Ilia, as the LP of the European Project "BALKAN IDEAS NETWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS IN THE AGRO-FOOD SECTOR - BALKANET», implemented actions aimed at promoting and expanding the export base and the effective networking of local companies with similar agro-food companies of the Balkan region.

The main goal of the festival was to highlight the agro-food products of the region, to strengthen the dynamics of innovation, to promote applied research and to develop sustainable synergies with organizations and companies in the Balkan Peninsula. As a part of the event, local professionals had the opportunity to present and display their products in specially designed stands, thus giving attendees the opportunity to get to know their products up close and to get in touch with local producers, entrepreneurs as well as members and stakeholders of the transnational project cooperation network.