Municipality of Metsovo

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Municipality of Metsovo
First Name Rika
Last Name Bisa
Address N.X. Averof, Metsovo, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2656060300
Project idea title Valorisation of wildlife and cultural tourism as a driving force for a sustainable environment
Specific problem to be addressed In the Balkan-Med Region, diversified, high quality tourism products and services, and sustainable and responsible tourism management are key challenges for all participating countries. Pure governance; low stakeholder engagement; lack of cooperation; and inadequate administrative and institutional capacity in management of transnational projects, is a common challenge for all participating countries. In the context of cultural and natural heritage protection and sustainable development, diverse stakeholders are vital to work together.
Main project activities planned Development of a transnational network and a working group to build up a strategy and action plans on providing sustainable transnational tourist offers and packages linked to the wildlife and cultural heritage of protected areas.
Expected outputs and results A transnational approach in wildlife and heritage tourism is expected to strengthen competencies, links and skills of Public Regional and Local Authorities and key stakeholders (local communities, businesses, universities, research institutes, training organisations, and NGOs) at local/ regional and international level, boosting competitiveness of the tourism sector in the Balkan-Med region.
State you area of expertise/ interest The Metsovo is a touristic mountainous village. It has long experience in cross-border European project, aiming at the sustainable development of local communities through the road of tourism. Metsovo is situated between two of the most important National Parks of Greece and therefore its inhabitants have long experience and strong willingness to preserve the areas’ unique natural and cultural heritage.