Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) / Non-governmental organisation

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) / Non-governmental organisation
First Name Tsvetelina
Last Name Neshkova
Address 25 Aleko Konstantinov Str., 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 29446389
Project idea title E-tools for transfer of knowledge
Specific problem to be addressed The target area is characterised by high long term youth unemployment. Adults and youths benefiting of entrepreneurial learning, develop business skills and attitudes including creativity initiative, team work, risk assessment and sense of responsibility. Vocational education and training is needed to allow business capacity adjustment and prepare youth to the new labour market needs. Project is enhancing entrepreneurship skills of managerial staff and vocational training of employed/unemployed.
Main project activities planned Main project activities include: Development of joint training curricula and elaboration of trilingual joint e-module vocational training. Conducting of soft skills training for managerial staff, conducting of webinars and round tables, Establish transnational networks of entrepreneurs aiming to improve competitiveness by sharing best‐practices and knowledge, develop joint methodologies and promote peer mentoring between SMEs’ practitioners.
Expected outputs and results Number of participants in joint education and training schemes to support youth employment, educational opportunities and higher and vocational education across borders: 60 persons (20 persons per country). Number of enterprises receiving nonfinancial support: at least 15 SMEs (5 per country). 1 joint e-tool elaborated, 1 soft skills training for managerial staff, 1 vocational training, 1 network for entrepreneurs established.
State you area of expertise/ interest We are interested in finding project partners, mainly Vocational education and training institutes/centres & NGOs & Umbrella organisations of SMEs, interested in working in field of vocational training and joint organisation of vocational training schemes fostering entrepreneurial skills and capacities of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, including the unemployed and other disadvantaged groups. If you are interested in our project idea, feel free to contact us.